The Kaskinen terminal is located in the middle of a well-functioning road and railway network. The terminal has our largest storage capacity with a considerable amount of flat storage and bulk tank space.

Extensive reforms are underway in the Kaskinen harbor area. The area will be renovated in such a way that the quay and storage facilities will increase significantly. We are working closely with the port of Kaskinen regarding further development. Much progress has already been made and we are constantly doing more so that we can continue to develop, enhance and grow our operations. Horticultural peat and bioenergy products are one of the most important products handled at the terminal.
The Kaskinen terminal has an efficient and flexible service. Our professional and committed staff is ready to take customers’ wishes into account.
There is a direct rail connection to several storage halls, a covered unloading terminal for hopper wagons and a large yard in the port area, which make it possible to receive whole trains of energy wood, firewood, pellets, fertilizers and grain.
Our terminal has a weighing service that enables the vehicle combination to be weighed in a covered space.

Henri Korpela

I work as a terminal manager in Kaskinen.

I have overall responsibility for the Kaskinen terminal and its operations, so my job description is quite broad. My daily work consists of planning and developing operational activities and resources, management work and customer cooperation.